Saturday, June 21, 2008

New Camera

A few more photos I took today.

I just bought a new camera yesterday, and I love it! I've been carrying it around everywhere with me. I haven't had much experience taking pictures but I bought this book that has some great info that I hope to start applying in my photos... plus stuff I could use for animation and art in general too. ( about emphasizing shapes, composition, perspective, use of texture and color, etc. ) Here's Jasmin with a nice yellow monotone throughout. Makes her feel warm and cuddly, which she is. :)

...and these are our dogs. Little brats... they think they could get away with anything. Jasmin thought it would be cute to give Buddy up there a mohawk.
Just messing around with some different camera functions.
I recommend the camera by the way. My buddy Chad, who recently bought one himself, recommended it to me. So if you're looking for something nice but not so expensive go check it out. ( SONY model no. DSLR-A200 )


SteveLambe said...

Nice! Start a photo blog and post up some artsy shots.

You don't think $500 is expensive for a camera?

seedoi said...

Yikes $500?!
but then you are so rich now so that's nothing to u
nice shots!

Dan Segarra said...

Ha! Not expensive in comparison to other digital SLR cameras is what I meant... I've seen some for $1000's. It's worth the $500 if you're looking for a nice camera. :)

Thanks for stopping by guys!

ColonelErnie said...

I realize this puts me about 4 or 5 years behind, but what makes me happiest about this post is seeing that you and Jasmin got married.

retarded? yes.

hooray? yes.