Monday, October 02, 2006

Night Cap

This week I attempted a piece for the ten second club but didn't make it by the deadline... I was a day late. Ah well... the reason behind tackling this piece was to take a step away from my short film to refresh. I've been looking at the same characters and ideas for so long I needed a small breath of fresh air. I'm going to refine and clean this piece up a little bit more then I'm back off to my film.

Edit: Ha ha! I tried submitting it anyway and it went through... hopefully it'll still be accepted? We'll see.


K McLeod said...

well for a day late you have a great start here. When you mentioned cleaning it up a bit more, did you mean by working on the girls exprestions and attidued?

Dan Segarra said...

Hey Kevin.

I posted it on the Animation Mentor Alumni forum and got a lot of good feedback from a bunch of the other animators. So when I mentioned refining and cleaning up, I meant that I'm going to fix up my animation according to their critiques... for example, mouth shapes and floaty arms movements... cleaning up my arcs, and cutting to the guys expression when he delivers his line.

Some stuff that can be done to enhance the animation is what I mean. I think the idea of the piece and her insecurity is coming across but there are still a few things that could use another pass.

Thanks for visiting and checking out my animation Kevin. ;)

robert casumbal said...

whoa dan! that's lookin great! i think your staging and acting choices are perfect. good luck on your entry... and btw, i would love to see you submit a 2d piece for the 10SC. :)

GhettoFab said...

slick dialogue piece dan! simply awesome!

John Juarez said...

I don't know what to say other than, great work. It feel like the woman is missing something at her transition from being busy, to inviting the guy up. Really show that change in thought, thats what the scene is about.

clockwerkz said...

Nice work! Although I almost feel like I'd like to see a camera cut in there. The girl is just terrific animation, man. Dan, you ROCK!