Saturday, September 23, 2006


Something I sketched up while eating pizza at my sister's house last night. This big guy has no sense of balance...
And this little guy has no sense at all... poor guy.


Anonymous said...

Dan, I'll miss seeing your posts at AM!
have a good one.
-James Thomas

robertc said...

i love the scale on the wrastler! hope all is well "post-AM". I'd love to see more sketches from ya, buddy!

Chris said...

Haha! I love it! Great fluid lines, wonderful work.

Kanishka. Muthuthanthri said...

Hey Dude

Realy Awsome

Love the approach you take to a drawing Dan

Especially this one

Hope things are going well with the short film

I ll be in touch

Take care


Dave Pryor said...

You have to eat a lot of Pizza to make your forearms that big ;)

Pretty cool doodle!