Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Job!

One chapter of my life has just ended today while another is just beginning. Today was my last day at Reel FX. Sadly I'm going to miss all of the great people there, but I'm off to LA to work on some more cool stuff. With such short notice I start at Rhythm and Hues on Monday to work on Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Even though I'm sad to have left a solid team at RFX, I'm very excited about the opportunities I'll come across in the pages ahead. Good luck to the team at RFX on their current and future projects, and here's hopin' the future ahead of me is a bright one out in Cali. WOOHOO, Rhythm and Hues here I come!

Lookin' forward to it. :)


seedoi said...

Wow Congrats! No wonder Bruno moved to LA!!
See you soon?!

Sarah Satrun said...

good luck!!! :D

BJ Crawford said...

congratulations my friend!
good luck!


Dan Segarra said...

Thanks guys! Just finished my first day today and it was awesome. Can't wait to start animating on some sweet shots.

Ryan Summers said...

Congrats Dan! I heard you're sitting right next to Jeff Williams old mentor. Small world, huh? Have fun animating those dancing rodents: hope you don't have any poop joke shots.

Dan Segarra said...

Thanks Ryan! Yeah, Mike Belzer started with me along with a couple more talented long time Disney guys. It's great being in this environment and the animators here are awesome. I'm looking forward to learning from these guys and animating dancing rodents... poop jokes and all. :)

Man, these rigs are awesome by the way. :)

Thanks for the comment man. Keep in touch, yo!

- Dan

Eric Huang said...

Wow, that's awesome man! Looks like you and chad are in LA now. Gives me more of a reason to move down there :p. Which address do I email you at? Keep in touch dude!!

Dan Segarra said...

ERIC! Come on over!

Email my hotmail man: dan_segarra

RoB said...

Just wanted to say Congrats again to yah dude! Enjoy LA!