Wednesday, June 25, 2008


squishy squishy bounce...

WALL-E comes out in less then 24 hours!

YES!!! Can't wait to see it!


Chad said...


Kanishka. Muthuthanthri said...

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the Comments Man.
I'm back in AM.
Going to finish the last 3 months on my short.

Hope things are going good with you :o)

boob said...

Entertain me here for a minute Dan. Just a thought:

when the ball hits it has that impact frame and squishes out then the next frame is the potential energy transfering up through the ball to stretch it out and bounce it up. We all know that much. But what irks me a little bit in your sample here is the ball falling. Again it stretches in the fall. Which SEEMS approriate you might think - it slows up at the top, and accelerates and stretches out. The problem is I don't FEEL the same amount of energy in falling as I do after it impacts and shoots back up. That's a solid change in energy and movement and it seems appropriate to stretch the ball when it goes back up. But what's really affecting it when it's falling? Just gravity. I don't feel that force (as powerful as it is) is enough reason to stretch the ball back down.

However, you did say it is a "squishy squishy bounce". Different materials can lend themselves to different animations but this would hafta be some sorta near liquid goo ball to distort it's shape just from falling back down. Ya know?

Anyway, I'd be interested in your own thoughts. Animation isn't exactly black and white but that was my initial reaction.

Dan Segarra said...

I think you actually pointed that out in my animation before. Gravity from what I've read isn't that strong to begin with, so I think in the real world that stretch wouldn't happen so much... especially as extreme as I have it.

In my head, I put it in there because the ball's alive... and he's anticipating before he hits the ground in order to keep reaching the height that he's reaching since it's a cycle. Plus he's really happy. That's my reasoning behind it. But if it was a ball ball, I think you're right, it wouldn't be so stretchy... and it wouldn't continually cycle. It would gradually lose energy, momentum, height, etc. then come to a stop.

Now your turn... animate a CG ball bouncing. Go!

j rumas said...

I'm putting this on my demo reel. Thanks Dan.