Friday, January 19, 2007

Animation Mentor Graduation!!!

Woooh! I just came back from AnimationMentor in Berkeley, CA. The trip was INCREDIBLE! I finally met many of the students that I've been taking these classes with and I also was able to meet a couple of my mentors from PDI... Melanie Cordan and Mark Behm.

Bobby, Shawn, and Carlos deserve much thanks for starting an online school better then most real schools in my opinion. I don't know any other school where the president would sit and eat casually with all of the students during the reception of a graduation ceremony. I am very grateful to be part of this unique opportunity and know that only the best can come from such motivating mentors and peers. To the guys at AnimationMentor, a huge THANKS!!! You guys rock!

Ooh... here's a link to a news broadcast that took place at AnimationMentor the day before the ceremony: AnimationMentor on ABC News

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