Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Anniversary Jasmin!

Yesterday was my one year wedding anniversary! So we threw a barbecue and invited a few people to celebrate. We had a ton of fun so thanks for comin' and spendin' some time with us of ya' did. Next time we'll use a propaine grill (which our landlord just mentioned that they had in the garage that they don't mind us using... great, huh!?)... so next time we won't have anyone's hands burst into flames from picking up the loose grill rack that kept falling into the charcoal. Heh! He's alright though. :) ... it sure didn't effect his bag-tossing in 'cornhole'.
Anyway, here's the anniversary card that I drew for Jasmin.
It hasn't even felt like it's been a year. It felt like we were planning for the wedding just a few days ago.

Jasmin really liked the pencil version of the sketch so I decided to post that up as well. Sorry I didn't draw the feet... I was actually thinking of cutting us off above the knees but I was actually happy with how her legs ended up so I kept them in the frame.

Sketch theme this week was to design some mariachis so I drew these guys up before I went to sleep. Could have probably varied things up a bit... especially the curly 'bigote' under his nose. Also could have played with different sizes for the hat. Maybe some tiny ones... was fun sketching these caballeros though.

This is a pretty late one... this was for the sketch thread last week on the Animation Mentor forums. The theme was garbage man and Jasmin gave me a nice idea to incorporate the 'One man's junk is another man's treasure' idea. I don't know who'd throw away a perfectly good ink marker anyway... who WOULDN'T treasure that??? ;P

Thanks fer stoppin' by!


milo said...

you ahve some great work! Keep em comin!;O)

robert casumbal said...

congrats to you and your wife! beautiful work, dan... i can sense much joy and happiness!

Alina Chau said...

Congrat! Wonderful artworks and drawings!!

Bruno Werneck said...

very nice Dan.
I like the mariachi designs a lot.
Congratulations to you and Jasmin!

and, huh, cowabanga! :)

Kevin Barber said...

Really nice anniversary card illo. Jasmine looks as cute as she does in real life. Really nice rendering too.

boob said...

Thanks for the BBQ Dan. It was fun indeed. And Congrats! You're tellin' me - one year already?!

Dig the Mariachis too. The top right is the most solid but I like all of their designs.