Monday, July 17, 2006


I'm so excited to be going to San Diego for the Comic Convention this THURSDAY! In my X-citement, I've drawn Jasmin's favorite comic book character of all time... yeah, she's a geek... more so then me I have to admit. :P I've also posted the sketch 'cause that's the fun part.
So, I'll be hanging around the Animation Mentor booth on Thursday from 2:00 - 4:00 if you wanna' stop by and let me promote the school to you... or if you just want to say hi. :) Other then that I'll be fully enjoying the weekend, geeking out with artists and friends... and spending tons of money I don't have.
Which reminds me, a bunch of my friends will be selling their first line of sketchbooks. Make sure to go visit their table and check out their work, and buy their books if you like what you see. They will be stationed at Exhibitor Table E6. The artists are 'Boob', Bruno, Darryl, Javi, Sam, and Bob. I'm not sure if I got everyone who's selling art at that table, so I'm sorry if I missed anyone.
Go check 'em out and see you there!


robertc said...

Have a great time, dan! I wish I could skip town and head down there.

Have you seen this yet?

Which one do you fall under? :)

K McLeod said...

Dan Bummed that I can't make comic con but will be at wizard Chitown for sat. I saw your rogue and just had to say that it is a mighty fine peice of pencil work. I truely saw her bitter sweet expresstion in her face. Great piece man.

Oh about AM do you feel it's worth the cost? I have been talking to my better half about taking the classes but it's been off and on, right now were trying for our first house and that in it'self is frighting but in a good way, well hope you have a blast in San Deigo


Dan Segarra said...

Thanks Kevin. :)

About AM, I don't really know your financial situation to tell you what's worth what man. :) But for me, I was short on money because of my wedding. We pulled from our savings to pay for AM but have always managed financially. We did have to make sacrifices but honestly, paying for something when you don't have much to begin with only makes you work harder at what you're paying for.

For me it was worth it, and looking back it's worth more then what they're charging. If you can find a way to manage your money and maybe that even means taking a risk, then I recommend doing it.

K McLeod said...


Thanks for your opinon about the school. That pluse the answere to my questoin AM has answered has more then made up my mind to try and make it

Thanks again


GhettoFab said...

Hope the Con is a blast for ya! Wish I could go and finally meet the man behind the work. You rock. Take lots o pics if you can!