Saturday, July 01, 2006

2D animation test

I've been working on this pencil test for a few months now. I wanted to finish it before this quarter ended but other projects made focusing on it near impossible. It's the first 4 seconds of an 11 second dialogue clip from the movie 'Mean Girls'. Hopefully I can get the rest of it done within the next week before getting so wrapped up into beginning animation on my short.
Critiques always welcomed!


Emir said...

hey, famo it would be nice if I could see the actual animation.

PEPE said...

really sweet piece!!!

Jeremy said...

Nice Dan, you should join our blog and post your great work there too :) If you'd' like to join, email Jason at: with your blogspot profile and such. Wow, talk about mulitalented :)

GhettoFab said...

such sweetness! Fantastic Dan

robertc said...

wow! awesome test man! so nice to see you doin' some 2d work!!!

are those digital pencil tests or did you hand draw them on paper, then scan them?

i'm itchin' to see more!

Dan Segarra said...


G, thanks for the crit over the phone. Good catch man!

Jeremy, I appreciate the invitation but this short is going to have to take priority at the moment. Maybe afterwards I'll contribute... if you're still inviting. :)

Robert, this test is hand-drawn and scanned. I'm going to have to stop for now because I couldn't get it done. The holiday weekend was way to busy with family stuff that I had no time for 'Sweet Regina'. :( After I finish my short I'll pick it back up though. I'm itchin to finish it. :)

Thanks Robin, Mel... thanks guys!

clockwerkz said...

Hey Dan!!

Dude this is looking sooo amazing! I hope you get a chance in the future to revisit this piece and keep working it out. It's looking fantastic!!!