Saturday, April 22, 2006


AM Weekly sketch
- was to design a wizard casting a spell
I didn't really focus on a specific spell but rather on the pose he would use to cast a spell. :)


clockwerkz said...

Dan, you got mad skillz my friend. My only crit about the wizard would be the line of action through him. I think it would have looked stronger if the line of action was committed either concave or convex, but not an S curve like it is now.
That hand is friggin awesome. I love the non uniformity of the fingers stretched out, and the angular design to it. Amazing work as usual. :D


Anonymous said...

oooh---> NICE hand! Great pose! Like the face!

Anyway---> I think you get it.

Peepers, teeny!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Dan-o. I like the color treatment on the wizard's clothing.

Don Dixon's Blog said...

I think this is probally one of my favorites, its very solid.

Virginia Valle said...

Yes the wizard is a wonderful character :) totally agree with Don,Dan,maybe more

Stephen Studios said...

Awsome wizard!! I love the pose, and the hand is great!